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Sales and Discounts

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Do you ever do sales?

We believe in providing a stable value to our customers so we do not participate in blanket sale frenzies on our line-up. If you purchase an Orchestral Tools collection, you can be sure to have a stable value. We will not slash prices by 50% every few weeks, essentially punishing our loyal users for trusting us with a new collection.
To reward bravery when purchasing a recently released collection, we always have Introductory Pricing for all new collections. From time to time we will have special deals on specific collections or lines, often as some sort of "Theme".
Sometimes, we will also have Pre-Order Pricing in effect until a new collection is released. This serves as an additional thank you for users that trust us to deliver a great product on time.

These pre-order/intro deals are the best price you will get on an Orchestral Tools collection for a good while after release.

What about Promotions?

We very, very rarely do bigger promotions on some of our more niche collections. These usually do not apply to the core Berlin Series, though.

What about Loyalty Discounts?

We generally have "indirect" loyalty discounts by means of pre-order/intro pricing. If you receive a special discount via email, please note that these discounts must be used during purchase and may be subject to an expiry date (for example until the pre-order ends). It is not possible to apply discounts in retrospect. Read Voucher Guidelines for details.

What about discounts or bundles?

Similar to our very cautious use of sales, we are not a big fan of discounts. They punish loyal users and decrease their investment.
We do, however, of course have EDU Discounts for everyone who qualifies as well as provisions for Additional Licenses.
All available bundles are listed on our website. If you have any questions, contact us.

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