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Payment and Currencies

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How does payment work?

Our website at uses an integrated shop system that lets you purchase collections directly from the product pages.
Each product page has an "Add to Cart" button. Just click this button to add the collection to your shopping cart. You can do this on multiple product pages; the shop will remember which collections you already added to the cart.
Then, when you have everything in your cart you want, click "Checkout".
After you have filled out your information, you can choose the payment method. You can pay fast and securely via Paypal or directly via Credit Card.
As soon as the payment is cleared, our system will automatically send your download email as well as your invoice. Please make sure that all email from our domain are whitelisted in your email system!

What about other currencies?

Orchestral Tools is based in Germany, so our shop operates in EUR.
If your local currency is not EUR, Paypal will automatically make the conversion during checkout. If you pay via Credit Card, your CC provider is responsible for the conversion. They may or may not show the amount in your local currency during checkout. Note that we do not have any influence on whether they do this or if they charge any fees.

Are there other payment option but Paypal or Credit Card?

At present time we only offer payment through Paypal or directly via Credit Card as these proved to be the most secure and fastest options.
If you absolutely can not pay via Paypal and do not have a Credit Card, please contact us, so we can arrange a bank transfer.

What if something happens during the checkout process?

If something weird happens during checkout, or if you think something is not right (refused VAT ID, wrong discounts, etc..), please do not proceed with the purchase, but contact us immediately! We can solve pretty much anything as long as a final invoice is not sent. After purchase, there often is very little that can be done (like adding VAT IDs or so), because German invoicing laws are relatively strict.

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