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Online Store and Billing

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hd_category_storeEach product page on our website has a shiny "Add to Cart" link integrated. You can add as many products to the cart as you like before checking out.
This sections answers questions about EDU Discounts, Licenses and how our shop handles VAT.


Store and Billing Overview

Educational Discounts

| for students and educators |

Additional Licenses

| you just can't have enough machines |

Payment and Currencies

| how to pay and currency exchanges |

Handling of VAT _

| tax laws explained... sort of |

Backup SSD

| if you do not want to download |

Sales and Discounts

| our stance on these points |

Voucher Guidelines

| the fine print |

Returns, Refunds and Resales

| read our policy |

Terms of Service _

| so you know what you are getting into |

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