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This section has Folder Structures for all Berlin Series Collections.
Click on any collection name to view a full Folder Structure for that collection.

Berlin Orchestra Inspire

Berlin Orchestra Inspire Berlin Orchestra Inspire 2

Berlin Symphonic Harps

Berlin Symphonic Harps

Berlin Harpsichords

Berlin Harpsichords

Berlin Woodwinds

Berlin Woodwinds | Main Collection Berlin Woodwinds | Additional Instruments Berlin Woodwinds | SFX

Berlin Woodwinds | Soloists I Berlin Woodwinds | Soloists II

Berlin Brass

Berlin Brass | Main Collection Berlin Brass | Additional Instruments Berlin Brass | Muted Bras Berlin Brass | French Horn SFX

Berlin Percussion

Berlin Percussion | Main Collection Berlin Percussion | The Timpani

Berlin Strings

Berlin Strings | Main Collection Berlin Strings | Special Bows I Berlin Strings | Special Bows II Berlin Strings | First Chairs Berlin Strings | SFX

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