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Welcome to the Orchestral Tools Articulation Guide!


Orchestral Tools provides high-quality sampled instruments for composers. Thanks to our Capsule Scripting Framework developed in-house, all Orchestral Tools collections look and work in a very similar way. Articulation names, labeling and all technical terms are identical in every collections, so you will find it easy to find your way around.

This Articulation Guide describes all articulations as well as their technical features and is organized as follows:
- The general Series Overview shows you all available Orchestral Tools Series', which group our collections into broader categories.
- Following this is the respective Series Overview Page of one particular Series, which lists all available collections by name and gives suggestions for expansions options.
- Each individual collection then has its own Collection Overview page, which describes the general content of the collection as well as its most important features at a glance.
- This is followed by the Instruments Section, which lists all instruments (or sections) contained in the collection with a short description of tone, scope or other pertinent information.
- The Articulations Section finally lists all articulations in detail along with all their properties.

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