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Berlin Woodwinds unites a host of Germany's leading woodwind players providing Orchestral Tools' critically-acclaimed vision of the orchestral woodwind section including extensive solo performances.

Berlin Woodwinds holds a special place in the Berlin Series. The collection that started our journey at the Teldex Stage, BWW now comes with the full mic line-up known from the Berlin Series. Most instruments have been newly recorded and, best of all, the whole original BWW with additional tweaks is included! This gives you as a composer double the number of instruments for ultimate flexibility and possibilities for doubling.

Berlin Woodwinds consists of two separate collections that are available together as one big collection: Berlin Woodwinds Revive, containing all-new instruments, as well as Berlin Woodwinds Revive, featuring the classic BWW.



Berlin Woodwinds | Soloists I Berlin Woodwinds | Soloists II

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