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Berlin Symphonic Harps

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Berlin Symphonic Harps brings a long-absent instruments into the Berlin Series: The Concert Harp. For this collection, we recorded two Concert Harps with full Pedal Control at the Teldex Scoring stage, perfectly working together with the other Berlin Series collections.

Berlin Symphonic Harps contains two Concert Harps with a very large number of articulation. Both harps have fully sampled pedal positions, with each string samples in each of the three possible positions: natural, flat and sharp. Extending the Pedal Control concept from our acclaimed Symphonic Sphere, Berlin Symphonic Harps not only provides full Pedal Control for sustains, but also for portato and staccato! Full Playable Glissandi patches, both chromatic and with full Pedal Control bring new expressiveness to your harp parts. Also included are special articulations as well as a giant number of glissandi in various tonalities and types.

Instrumentation and Recording

Box_BHPBerlin Orchestra Inspire contains two Concert Harps, which are divided into patches containing a single articulation as well as multi articulation patches. You will find all of these patches inside the Instruments folder. The collection contains the following instruments or sections, as they appear in your instruments folder:

01. Harp 1
02. Harp 2

This structure is identical for Single Articulation, Multi Articulation and Time Machine-enabled patches.

Both harps are different instruments played by different musicians, not just additional recording passes.
You have free choice between six microphone positions, Close I, II and III, AB, Tree and Surround.

These microphone positions are switchable in the GUI and can be controlled via MIDI CC. Additionally, all core articulations have been recorded with multiple velocity layers for realistic dynamics.
All samples have their natural panning.



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