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The sections and instruments in Berlin Orchestra Inspire provide you with a comprehensive orchestra for sketching and mobile use.
This section briefly explains the individual instruments and points out usage scenarios and expansion options.

Full Orchestra

The Full Orchestra features Sustains and Staccato stretched over the whole range of the keyboard as well as a special effects patch.


The Strings section provides different section sizes and line-ups, from a Whole Ensemble to Solo Strings.

Strings Whole Ensemble

The Strings Whole Ensemble spans the whole string range and features essential articulations.

First Chairs Whole Ensemble

The First Chairs Ensemble spans a string quartet over the whole range and is the perfect full-range complement to Berlin Strings - First Chairs .

High Strings 8va

With full legato, the High Strings in Octaves are great for soaring melody lines.

Low Strings 8va

Again providing full legato, the Low Strings in Octaves work wonders in the low end and also feature pizzicato.

Violins I & II

To emphasize melodies, the unison Violins I & II feature full legato as well as spiccato.


Derived from Berlin Brass, the Brass Line-up combines full ensembles including mutes with carefully selected instrument combinations and solo instruments.

Brass Whole Ensemble

The Brass Whole Ensemble has the whole brass choir spread over the keyboard.

Brass Muted Ensemble

Fitting perfectly with the Whole Ensemble, Brass Muted Ensemble features the same playable range with Muted Brass.

Trumpet & Horn Ensemble 8va

For bold melodies, the Trumpet & Horn Ensemble in Octaves delivers with full legato, staccato and marcato.

Trombone Ensemble & Tuba 8va

The Trombone Ensemble & Tuba in Octaves will provide thunderous low end with sustain and shorts.

Solo Horn

The Solo Horn with full legato and staccato is perfect for expressive melodies.

Solo Trumpet

The Solo Trumpet with legato and staccato brings shining clarity to the upper regions.


Sourced from Berlin Woodwinds, the Woodwinds give you a full ensemble, octaved ensembles and solo instruments.

Woodwinds Whole Ensemble

The Woodwinds Whole Ensemble spreads the whole winds choir over the keyboard with sustain, staccato and a full Trills Orchestrator.

Flutes & Clarinets 8va

Providing full legato and trills, the Flutes & Clarinets are set in octaves are work great for melodies.

Bassoons & Clarinets 8va

The Bassoons & Clarinets Ensemble in Octaves features full legato, too.

Solo Flute

With true legato, the Solo Flute works great in all situations.

Solo Clarinet

Completing the woodwinds line-up, the Solo Clarinet also offers true legato.


The Percussion section takes its content from Berlin Percussion to provide a solid base for percussion parts.

Percussion Essentials

The Percussion Essentials unite important percussion instruments in one patch mapped per the MIDI Spec. Aided by the special sections outlined below, this patch is a one-stop solution to basic percussion parts.

Marimba & Xylophone

The Marimba & Xylophone patch unites two of the most important melodic percussion instruments as an ensemble.


The Glockenspiel is played with a medium mallet.


A set of two concert timpani played with normal mallets providing single hits and rolls completes the percussion section.



Derived from the critically acclaimed Symphonic Sphere harp, the harp has been treated with custom impulse responses from the Teldex Scoring Stage.


Steinway D

The Steinway D is directly adapted from The Orchestral Grands.



N o t a b l e   A r t i c u l a t i o n s :
Berlin Orchestra Inspire features basic articulations for numerous instruments and sections. Some specials include:
- Full Orchestra patches including effects
- Dedicated High and Low Strings
- A Muted Brass Ensemble
- Special Solo Woodwinds and Brass
- A Concert Harp and Piano
Most articulations are also available as Time Machine patches, which allow you to adjust the sample length dynamically.


E x p a n s i o n   O p t i o n s :
Berlin Orchestra Inspire is derived from other Berlin Series Collections, so if you want a bigger boat, any Berlin Series Collection will expand your sonic possibilities!

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