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Berlin Orchestra Inspire

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Berlin Orchestra Inspire draws from the Berlin Series flagship collections to deliver a first grade sketching and mobile tool, perfect for use when on the road or to realize ideas quickly. Carefully curated instruments as well as new ensembles for all sections across the whole range bring the Berlin Series full circle with a tool for when things get intense.

When musical ideas flow, being quick is crucial.
That's why we designed a virtual orchestra that combines a phenomenal sound with the capabilities of a fast writing tool.
Use Berlin Orchestra Inspire where ever you want to be creative - All you need is a single machine with 8GB of RAM. Phenomenal sound using minimal computer resources.


Berlin Orchestra lnspire is a layout orchestra for quick and stunning results.
lts sample content is mostly based on the Berlin Series which is used by many composers around the world and in countless Hollywood Productions.
As Berlin Orchestra Inspire shares the same sonic qualities as the Berlin Orchestra, it is the perfect way to extend your Berlin Series with its impressive layout patches.

Instrumentation and Recording

Box_BOIBerlin Orchestra Inspire contains twenty-three instruments or instrumental sections grouped into seven categories, which are divided into patches containing a single articulation as well as multi articulation patches. You will find all of these patches inside the Instruments folder. The collection contains the following instruments or sections, as they appear in your instruments folder:

01. Full Orchestra

02. Strings
 01. Strings Whole Ensemble
 02. First Chairs Whole Ensemble
 03. High Strings 8va
 04. Low Strings 8va
 05. Violins I & II

03. Brass
 01. Brass Whole Ensemble
 02. Brass Muted Ensemble
 03. Trumpet & Horn Ensemble 8va
 04. Trombone Ensemble & Tuba 8va
 05. Solo Horn
 06. Solo Trumpet

04. Woodwinds
 01. Woodwinds Whole Ensemble
 02. Flutes & Clarinets 8va
 03. Bassoons & Clarinets 8va
 04. Solo Flute
 05. Solo Clarinet

05. Percussion
 01. Percussion Essentials
 02. Marimba & Xylophone
 03. Glockenspiel
 04. Timpani

06. Harp

07. Steinway D

This structure is identical for Single Articulation, Multi Articulation and Time Machine-enabled patches.

All instruments within a section are different instruments played by different musicians, not just additional recording passes.
All patches feature a pre-produced Mix microphone position for easy out of the box use. Additionally, all core articulations have been recorded with multiple velocity layers for realistic dynamics.
All samples have their natural panning.



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