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Berlin Harpsichords brings a French and Italian Harpsichord to the Teldex Scoring Stage, giving your tracks a new and rarely used instrument.

Berlin Harpsichords is the latest sample collection in the renowned Berlin series by Orchestral Tools. Following the addition of new strings, woodwind, brass and percussion samples to the Berlin orchestral series, this collection is now introducing the rich, baroque sounds of two traditional harpsichords – French and Italian – opening up new avenues of possibility for users who are eager to broaden their palette of sounds.

The harpsichord samples have been recorded in different registers, ensuring that users have the flexibility they need to create the sound they are looking for. As with the Berlin series and other Orchestral Tools collections, the instruments were recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin, a distinctively balanced 450 m² hall with sublime acoustics and the finest microphones from the last five decades.

Instrumentation and Recording

Box_BHCBerlin Orchestra Inspire contains two Harpsichords, which are divided into patches containing a single articulation as well as multi articulation patches. You will find all of these patches inside the Instruments folder. The collection contains the following instruments or sections, as they appear in your instruments folder:

01. French Harpsichord
02. Italian Harpsichord

Both Harpsichords are different instruments played by different musicians, not just additional recording passes.
You have free choice between six microphone positions, Close I, II and Close AB, AB, Tree and Surround.

These microphone positions are switchable in the GUI and can be controlled via MIDI CC. Additionally, all core articulations have been recorded with multiple velocity layers for realistic dynamics.
All samples have their natural panning.



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