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Berlin Brass - Muted Brass

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Berlin Brass - Muted Brass vastly extends the Berlin Brass line-up with a selection of different mutes for all core BBR instrument types. As always, we made sure to sample everything in-depth and provide sonorities fitting to BBR Main Collection. Featuring two stopped horns, horn ensemble, all other brass instruments have been recorded with three different mute types across their whole articulation range.

With this third complement to Berlin Brass we enrich the Berlin Series with a new and extraordinary flavour. The Muted Brass Collection is an extremely detailed set delivering seven outstanding solo instruments and two ensembles:

Extraordinary flavours

Use the individually recorded mutes to provide remarkable sonorities to your creations.
Like all Berlin Series Instruments, Muted Brass is highly versatile and adaptable.
The specific sound of the different mutes lets you achieve a real vintage vibe as well as a modern, classical tone.

A perfect blend

The same uncompromising technical set up, the same seating positions of the professional Berlin orchestral musicians, and of course the sound of the perfectly balanced Teldex Scoring Stage guarantee a flawless blending with the Berlin Brass Main Collection.

Combined with Berlin Brass Main or on its own – with Muted Brass, the biggest orchestral muted brass collection ever recorded, we deliver a new tool to create unique additions to your work.

Instrumentation and Recording

Berlin Brass - Muted Brass contains nine instruments or instrumental sections, which are divided into patches containing a single articulation as well as multi articulation patches. You will find all of these patches inside the Instruments folder. The collection contains the following instruments or sections, as they appear in your instruments folder:

Box_BBR_Muted_Brass19. Horn 1 Stopped
20. Horn 2 Stopped
21. Horn Ensemble Stopped
22. Trumpet 1 Muted
23. Trumpet 2 Muted
24. Trumpet Ensemble Muted
25. Trombone 1 Muted
26. Trombone 2 Muted
27. Bass Trombone Muted

All Trumpets and Trombones contain Stem Half, Stem In and Straight Mutes.

Note that the instrument numbering continues the sequence from the Berlin Brass Main Collection and Berlin Brass - Additional Instruments.

This structure is identical for Single Articulation, Multi Articulation and Time Machine-enabled patches.

All instruments within a section are different instruments played by different musicians, not just additional recording passes.

You have free choice between six microphone positions, Close I and II, ORTF, AB, Tree and Surround.

These microphone positions are switchable in the GUI and can be controlled via MIDI CC. Additionally, all core articulations have been recorded with multiple velocity layers for realistic dynamics.
All samples have their natural panning.



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