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Berlin Brass - Additional Instruments expands your brass section with four additional instruments.
This section briefly explains the individual instruments and points out usage scenarios and expansion options.

Piccolo Trumpet

Berlin Brass - Additional Instruments adds a Piccolo Trumpet with all essential articulations including full legato, immediate and soft sustains, as well as repetitions, crescendos and even Playable Runs.

Bass Trumpet

The Bass Trumpet extends the trumpet line-up towards the low end with identical articulations to the Piccolo Trumpets sans the Playable Runs.


The Euphonium comes with 3 velocity layers for essential articulations, making this versatile instrument an integral part of the Berlin Brass line-up.

Contrabass Trombone

Much requested, the Contrabass Trombone brings low-end agility with essential articulations.


N o t a b l e   A r t i c u l a t i o n s :
Berlin Brass - Additional Instruments features a number of unique articulations in addition to the regular staples. These include:
- Tempo-synced 16th and Triplets repetitions
- Several dynamics, including crescendi and swells
- Playable Runs for Piccolo Trumpet
Most articulations are also available as Time Machine patches, which allow you to adjust the sample length dynamically.


E x p a n s i o n   O p t i o n s :
Berlin Brass - Additional Instruments of course fits splendidly with the brass staples from Berlin Brass and Berlin Brass - Muted Brass bringing various mutes to the brass line-up, as well as Berlin Brass - French Horn SFX, with four additional French Horns recorded both separately and individually with a host of highly controllable effects.

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